Celebrating NYS Successes: System of Care Presentation in Greene County

On Friday, November 8th, representatives from the NYS Success Implementation Team met in Greene County and presented an overview of the System of Care philosophy and the NYS Success Initiative to a group of over 50 stakeholders from child and family serving departments and organizations across the Greene County Community.

The full-day meeting included presentations and group exercises about key components of the System of Care, including what it means to be Family-driven, Youth-guided, and Culturally & Linguistically Competent. The group also heard about the Evaluation and Social Marketing components of the NYS Success Initiative, as well as what Training and Technical Assistance may be available to them through the NYS Success team members.

Additionally, the group heard from a parent and a youth from their own community, who had the chance to tell the stories of their experiences within the system. Everyone in attendance also had the opportunity to hear about the Vision for Greene County’s System of Care, created by Greene County representatives at this year’s Phase II Kickoff.

The session represented just one opportunity available to NYS Success Communities through the NYS Success Initiative, and proved to be a worthwhile experience for the community:

“It was a grounding experience for all the county departments and other agencies in attendance. Many of the comments since then have been about next steps, directions to take. The Public Health Director has added a logo in her business card in response to the feedback from the parent in attendance. I have reached out to the parent who is interested in being on the Community Services Board. The day really highlighted family-driven, youth-guided treatment that needs to be culturally and linguistically competent. I would highly recommend a SOC kick-off event [like this] where there is participation from all the child serving entities within the county as it gives a full and comprehensive overview of the SOC philosophy.

This event has also resulted in improved communication, people feeling energized and excited but also noticing there is opportunity for us as a county to enrich our services with more of a family-driven and youth-guided approach. It was well worth the planning and time commitment.” – Maggie Graham, Director of Community Services, Greene County 

If you wish to bring a similar training/learning opportunity to your community, the NYS Success Implementation Team would be happy to help!

Please contact Mary Coppola, Project Director, at mcoppola@ccsi.org, or Tricia Snyder, Training and Technical Assistance Manager, at tsnyder@ccsi.org to discuss options that would best fit your community’s needs.