Chenango County Profile

County Lead

Terry Foor-Pessin, Chenango County Community Mental Hygiene Services

SOC Team

Chenango County Behavioral Health Services
Family Resource Network
Greater Binghamton Health Center
Chenango County Dept. of Probation
Liberty Resources and Liberty Partnership


Approximate population – 50,100, 98% White, 1% Black/African American, and 1% other, median Age – 41, 23% under age 18, 5% of individuals 5 yrs of age and older speak a language other than English at home, median income – $42,603 (14% of households earn less than $15,000 annually)


  • Increase communication and collaboration with network of stakeholders
  • Increase network of stakeholders,and add a consumer voice ( youth and family)


Chenango County is one of 12 Upstate NY counties that volunteered in July 2011 to take part in a NYS OMH funded System of Care (SOC) pilot project. In October 2012 these same 12 counties became the first cohort to participate in the NYS Success SOC Learning Collaborative.The Chenango County SOC Committee wanted to create a collaboration of youth, families and providers to improve access to and engagement with resources in the community. The committee focused on enhancing existing services and creating new resources as they were identified and/or needed.

System of Care Expansion Planning and Implementation Activities

Training / Technical Assistance

  • Mental Health 1st Aide training for 30 community members
  • Building Restorative Communities training (90 participants)
  • April 2015 Core Values Workshop facilitate by NYS Success Consultant Stephanie Shortt from the Ad Council

Cultural & Linguistic Competence

  • Members of the SOC committee have attended CLC training in Oneonta


  • Challenges persist in finding youth participants for the SOC, but the recent addition of Liberty Resources has the potential of providing a pool of youth interested in leadership and participation


  • Completed and disseminated a Resource Guide for Families and Youth (also made digital copies available on several community websites
  • The Parent Skills Training program offered by the Chenango County Youth Bureau and Probation has expanded to now provide training for parents of 5-10 year old children, which is actively promoted by the members of the SOC