Clinton County Profile

County Lead Contacts

Peter Trout, Clinton County Director of Community Services. 518-565-4060

Erica Leonard, Family Partner 518-561-1767

Amy Weir, CCSI/SPOA Coordinator 518-565-4004

System of Care Team

Clinton County Mental Health &Addiction Services- Stacey Beebie

Behavioral Health Services North, Inc. – Esther Piper (Healthy Families Clinton), Shelley Munson (HCBW/ICM Director)

Social Services- Linda Tripp

Health Homes/Medicaid Homes- Laura LaHart

Clinton County Probation Department- April Hamilton

Sunmound/OPWDD- JayAnn Stevens


School Districts- Tracie McCaarthy, Deena Lewis Mudler

Clinton County Youth Bureau- Kim Crockett

Special Education Parent Network- Laurie Booth-Trudo

North County Thrive- Brittany Trybendis

Youth Advocates Program, Inc.- Kasey Young

Voices of Tomorrow-Biandi & MaBelle

Families- Lumba & Rachel


  1. Collaborate with School Districts in Clinton County to create a Resource Center accessible to school personnel and families to support youth transitioning to middle school. This resource center will provide information on topics to include but not limited to; bullying, special education procedures/rights, and general information on health needs (emotional & physical)
  2. Decrease the number of referrals made to the Juvenile Justice System (PINS Diversion)
  3. Keep youth enrolled in school during periods of transition from Elementary to Middle School
  4. Improve relationships between families and schools


Clinton County is looking at connecting with schools to provide support and information to both staff and families. They are trying to collaborate with two school districts to use as a pilot project during “open house” events. The county is meeting with the schools to see how they can work together and also discussing having community cafes at the schools to improve relationship between schools and families

Clinton County has worked toward increasing youth and family participation in the meetings to gain feedback, and have been successful thus far.

A school directory and Clinton County Resource Directory was compiled and put online for families. Service providers and schools to access. Each document is an “evolving” document as changes are continuously happening with personnel and contact information. The Directory of County resources provides a brief description of what each provider offers and the contact information.

The school directory lists all the schools within the county and identifies key personnel to contact for services in each building.

System Of Care Expansion Planning and Implementation Activities

Cultural & Linguistic Competence

February 2, 2015- Cultural Competence workshop facilitated by NYS Success consultant Lenora-Reid Rose


NYS Success Youth Power! Consultant, Katie Rushlo, worked with county to start a Youth Advisory Council (Voices of Tomorrow) and continues to provide support and assistance with youth engagement.

The Voices of Tomorrow continue to meet twice a month Katie Rushlo facilitated a youth kick-off event with the YAC to get youth’s input on what was working in the county, and what youth felt was needed in the county.

An Artivism workshop was presented by Katie Rushlo on behalf of Voices of Tomorrow to youth in the county. This workshop included ways youth can express items they want to advocate for through art.

In May, The Voices of Tomorrow had an Anti-Bullying workshop. Jeff Sisson from CVES came to discuss types of bullying and how to handle bullying.

Clinton County is currently looking to fill the position of Youth Peer Advocate


NYS Success Consultant, Daphnne Brown, is working with the county to bring families to the table at the SOC Meetings.

Training/Technical Assistance

NYS Success Team Orientation facilitated by Mary Coppola (Director)
Diane Buoni (Project Coordinator)
Daphnne Brown (FTNYS Consultant)
Katie Rushlo (Youth Power! Consultant)