Erie County Profile

County Lead

Michael Ranney
Commissioner of Mental Health

SOC Team

Department of Mental Health
Department of Social Services
Department of and Probation
Youth and family advocates


According to 2014 estimates, Erie County had a total of 920,694 residents. There were more Female (52%) than Male (48%) residents and the median age was 40.5 years old. The majority of the county identified their race as White (79%), followed by Black or African-American (13%), Asian (3%), and American Indian and Alaska Native (less than 1%).  Two percent (2%) of residents identified as ‘some other race’, and over 2% of residents identified as ‘two or more’ races.  Median household income, adjusted for inflation, from 2010-2014 was $51,050 with close to 15% of residents living below the poverty level.

*Please note figures may not sum to 100% due to rounding.


  • Develop youth voice / involvement at all levels
  • Advance Cultural and Linguistic Competence of child and family serving staff in the community
  • Continue work to integrate primary and behavioral health services
  • Engage schools, social services, and mental health agencies in response to increase of youth involved in juvenile justice system


Family Voices Network

Family Voices Network of Erie County is a system of care for children/youth experiencing serious emotional, behavioral and/or social challenges. The mission is to provide comprehensive, coordinated, individualized, culturally competent and cost effective community based services that support the children/youth and their families in order to maintain them in their home and community. Care Coordination services are planned and delivered with a family driven, strength-based focus using the wraparound process which creates collaboration between the children/youth, their families and a team they select.

Target Population:

  1. Children and youth ages 5-17 years old
  2. Parent, caregiver or legal guardian must reside in Erie County
  3. Child/Youth experiencing serious emotional, behavioral and/or social challenges
  4. Child/Youth at significant risk of hospitalization or placement out of their home or community, or
  5. Child/Youth currently in placement out of home or hospitalized and requires community based services/supports to successfully return home

System Of Care Expansion Planning and Implementation Activities

  • NYS SMHSA Grant – Test site with 10 youth/Families to utilizing High Fidelity Wrap Around with in a Health Home environment
  • Working Collaboratively with Care Coordination Agencies, Children’s SPOA and Health Home provide to support local successfully transition to Heath Home
  • Establishing a common practice in RTC/ Care Coordination model to support Shortened lengths Stays and successful transition back to home and community.
  • Exploring/developing EMR that support Children’s System of care practice models and data collection


  • Sustained several components of original County level SAMHSA grant:
  • Family Advocacy
  • Youth Empowerment Leadership programming
  • Sustained 374 High Fidelity Wraparound slots through a woven model
  • Grown flexible vendor services to meet the needs of youth and families with in our system
  • Sustain at Practice to outcome model through the use of Data and Quality Improvement plans

Success Story

Youth have successfully completed Care Coordination services and has moved into a lead role for youth voice with in our Erie community and State.