Informing Family Choice in Onondaga County

On December 2nd, OnCare (Onondaga County’s SOC) & Family Tapestry hosted a day-long event that brought together family members, caregivers, youth, and providers from Mental Health, Child Welfare, Juvenile Justice, Special Education, and OPWDD, among others.

The purpose of the event was to provide information and resources to families to help them navigate services and supports in their community, as well as to give service providers the opportunity to hear directly from the families themselves.

This event was created as a direct result of feedback from area families who informed OnCare they would like to see a session like this and that it would be greatly helpful to them. Providers from local agencies were then invited to assist in this session, and OnCare was able to assemble a structured program for the day, as well as host a room full of resource tables with information from many local agencies.

Over 100 people attended the event, which included informational presentations, Q&A sessions, and workshops on topics such as “Legal Issues Families Face,” “What You Should Know About Residential Treatment,” and “How to Make Informed Decisions Regarding Medications.” Each session throughout the day provided the opportunity for open dialogue between families and area providers. Not only did this allow families to ask questions of the providers in attendance, but it also gave providers the opportunity to hear from families who have used the systems, and receive feedback on how they might improve their services and supports.

For questions about the event, please contact Linda Lopez, OnCare Project Director.