Lewis County Profile

County Lead

Karen Boliver and Christine Eckerson, Northern Regional Center for Independent Living karenb@nrcil.net and kristinee@nrcil.net

SOC Team

Northern Regional Center for Independent Living
Lewis County Community Services
North Country Prenatal / Perinatal Council, Inc.
North Country Children’s Clinic and families


Approximate population – 27,100; 98% White, 1% Black/African American, < .05% other; median Age – 40; 20% under age 18; 3% of individuals 9% 5 yrs. of age and older speak a language other than English at home; at home: median income – $46,840 (11% of households earn less than $15,000 annually)


  • Host family and youth forums to discover strengths and needs of the community. Forums will assist the focus groups within SOC for future community goals
  • Provide Bridges out of Poverty 2-day training through the AHA Process trainer Jodi Pfarr

System of Care Expansion Planning and Implementation Activities

Training / Technical Assistance

  •  3/25/15 – NYS Success SOC Orientation facilitated by NYS Success Team members: Mary Coppola (Director);
    Diane Buoni (Project Coordinator); Daphnne Brown (FTNYS); and Katie Rushlo (Youth Power!)

Youth and Family

  • 8/26/15 – Daphnne Brown NYS Success FTNYS consultant and Katie Rushlo NYS Success Youth Power! consultant facilitated a family forum to gather information and provide feedback to the SOC leadership team