Livingston County Profile

County Lead

Michele Anuszkiewicz, Director of Community services,

SOC Team

Pam Brannan (GLOW)
Livingston County Mental Health
SPOA Coordinator
Hillside Family of Agencies


Approximate population – 65,100; 90% White, 3% Black/African American, American, 1% Asian and < .05% other; median Age – 39.9; 20% under age 18; 9% 6% of individuals 5 yrs. of age and older speak a language other than English at home; at home: median income – $53518 (12% of households earn less than $15,000 annually)


Livingston County joined the NYS Success Learning Collaborative in the second year (fall 2014) of the NYS Success grant. Due to a transition in leadership at the DCS level, the county made the decision to suspend their SOC work until the new DCS could become familiar with the county operations and resources. The DCS is also the local SOC team leader. Livingston was represented at the 2014 Fall Annual Conference as a first step to getting reconnected to the Learning Collaborative and they attended the Western Regional Conference in April 2015. Unfortunately, Livingston County suffered another change in DCS leadership early in 2015 (who was also the NYS Success Livingston County team lead) which once again minimized involvement in the NYS Success Learning Collaborative. The current team lead has agreed to remain involved with the Learning Collaborative as far as participating on monthly webinars and continuing to recruit a youth member to join their SPOA committee. In addition, NYS Success team members will continue to be available should any technical assistance be requested.