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According to 2014 estimates, Orange County had a total of 374,518 residents. There was an equal distribution of Females (50%) and Males (50%) and the median age was 36.8 years old. The majority of the county identified their race as White (75%), followed by Black or African-American (10%), Asian (3%), and American Indian and Alaska Native (less than 1%).  Eight percent (8%) of residents identified as ‘some other race’, and over 3% of residents identified as ‘two or more races’.  Approximately 19% of residents identified their ethnicity as Hispanic or Latino. Median household income, adjusted for inflation, from 2010-2014 was $70,794 with close to 13% of residents living below the poverty level.

*Please note figures may not sum to 100% due to rounding.

System of Care

SOC is an equal partnership that brings together Orange County children/young adults (ages 5 – 21), their families and the individuals who care about them, with the services and supports provided by our community partners. These include mental health services, substance abuse services, social services, the education system, family support, recreational services, vocational services, health services, and the juvenile justice system.

Orange County System of Care has made a commitment to work together with youth and families to make our system better. We have developed a one-stop, single “pathway to care” for children and youth with serious mental health needs, and their families. Intake staff
include partners from Orange County Departments of Social Services, Probation and Mental Health, and Family Support (because the best help comes from someone who knows what you are going through). We opened our doors on February 22, 2010, and together we are working hard to make sure that help is easy to access, family-driven, and tailored to the needs of each youth, young adult, and family.

Through Orange County System of Care, youth and families, and providers can call one number and receive:

  • One-stop telephone access to multiple county agencies, and Orange County’s Family
    Support Program.
  • Linkage and referrals to community-based services and supports.
  • Cross-system case conferencing, as necessary.
  • Individual family support and care coordination, and high-fidelity wraparound services, for children, youth and young adults who meet federal System of Care and state Single Point of Access (SPOA) eligibility criteria.

SOC Wraparound Services

Within the System of Care, one of the services that youth or young adults may be eligible for, is System of Care Wraparound Services. This is the highest level of community-based care that is available in Orange County.

Youth and young adults with complex mental health needs, and their families, are encouraged to become part of Orange County’s System of Care, and join in the effort to make things better for others in the community. Currently, parents and caregivers are being recruited to be part of the Parent Advisory Board, and youth and young adults to be part of the Youth Advisory Council. The goal is to “transform” the community’s mental health system over the next four years.

Whether the youth or young adult is eligible for Wraparound Services, needs a referral to a mental health clinic, or wants to know whether a young person’s self-esteem could improve by participating in the Youth Bureau’s Summer Leadership Academy, System of Care is here for you. Intake Staff are available to answer questions, help determine eligibility for wraparound services (even before the paperwork is filled out), and connection to appropriate resources in the community.

Welcome to Orange Initiative

The Welcome Orange initiative takes the philosophy of System of Care to scale for all individuals, adults and children, with complex care needs. The  overall vision is to design the system at every level to be about the needs, hopes, and dreams of the people and families that are needing help with all types of co-occurring complex issues – including health, mental health, trauma, substance abuse, and cognitive conditions, as well as housing, legal, vocational, social and parenting issues and that ALL programs and ALL persons delivering care and support become welcoming, person-centered, resiliency-/recovery, hopeful, strength-based, trauma-informed, culturally fluent, and complexity-capable.

For more information please visit:

SOC expansion planning and implementation of activities

Our Cultural and Linguistic Competency coordinator has provided cultural awareness and sensitivity assessments of various programs and agencies and has provided training and support to improve cultural responsiveness.

Success Stories

Voices United 4 Change
An organization, created with the support of Orange County SOC, which seeks to provide opportunities that allow families and youth to better understand and value having a voice in their care.