Rockland County Profile

County Lead

Dr. Susan Hoerter, Director, Child and Adolescent Services, Rockland County Department of Mental Health –

SOC Team

Rockland County Departments of Mental Health, Social Services, and Probation
Rockland County Public Schools
Youth and family advocates


Approximate population – 315,100; 73% White, 13% Black/African American, American, 6% Asian and 7% other; median Age – 36.4; 28% under age 18; 9% 37% of individuals 5 yrs. of age and older speak a language other than English at home; at home: median income – $84,951 (8% of households earn less than $15,000 annually)


  • Identify existing SOC efforts within the county
  • Explore how to build infrastructure to infuse SOC values and principles into child and family serving work in the community
  • Integrate community supports within school settings through a pilot clinic located in a middle school
  • Build cultural & linguistic competence of child/family serving staff in the community (Rockland County is very diverse in terms of income levels and ethnic backgrounds)


Rockland County joined the NYS Success Learning Collaborative in the second year (Fall 2014) of the NYS Success grant. The Rockland County SOC team chose to align their SOC goals with the work being done by the existing Multi-agency Collaborative for Safe and Healthy Youth (MAC-SHY) rather than forming a different group. MAC-SHY members consisted of representatives from the department of mental health, BOCES, DSS, District Attorney’s Office,
law enforcement, probation and community members. This collaboration resulted in the creation of a co-location center (Partnership for Safe and Healthy Youth Center located at the BOCES high school). Representatives from DSS, DMH, probation and BOCES staff the center where they meet with youth and families to help identify needs and to increase formal and natural supports.

System of Care Expansion Planning and Implementation Activities

Training / Technical Assistance

  • (date) NYS Success team conducted a SOC orientation for more than 50 participants

Cultural & Linguistic Competence

  • 5/4/15 – 3 hr CLC workshop facilitated by NYS NYS Success facilitator Lenora Reid-Rose. NYS OASAS certified for CASAC credit. Workshop included census & Medicaid data, sanctioned  reports and health/poverty reports to inform participants to begin to collect and stratify data on emerging cultural groups