Schuyler County Hosts Upcoming System of Care Values Awareness Session

Schuyler County’s System of Care was recently awarded a NYS Success Innovation Fund Grant to work on a positive paradigm shift in their community between support providers and those they serve. As the first step in this endeavor, they have connected with mentor community, Monroe County, to co-facilitate a System of Care Values Awareness Session.

Below is the announcement of the opportunity:

Please join us for an exciting opportunity for our community to come together on September 16!

that we live in a community where everyone is achieving their own definition of success – people have what they need and are thriving, more young people graduate from high school, fewer are placed in residential care or hospitals away from home, and all families have what they need, including easy access to supports for their children’s overall well-being and mental health.

Schuyler County has received a System of Care grant that will help us to build mutual respect and trust by exploring a new perspective and approach to uncover solutions to seemingly impossible and challenging situations. As we move forward in our important work of implementing a Systems of Care approach to service delivery in Schuyler County, it is important that we each individually and collectively as a team have a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of Systems of Care.

Tricia Snyder, Manager of Training and Technical Assistance for the New York State System of Care Expansion Project, titled NYS Success, has connected us with Brian Conheady, Program Manager for Monroe County Building Bridges. They have developed a stimulating Systems of Care Values Awareness Session and will be facilitating with some of our own youth and family members, sharing their experience and knowledge with us.

Expected participants include: Youth, Families, the County Executive, Legislators, Leaders and support providers of Social Services, Public Health, Mental Health/Hygiene, Probation and Education, Community Agency staff and others.