Schuyler County Profile

County Lead

Michelle Berliss, Psychologist Schuyler County Health Services

SOC Team

Schuyler County Community Services (Mental Health & Public Health)
Social Services
ARC of Schuyler
Local Schools
Finger Lakes Parent Network
Cornell Cooperative Extension
Other county providers


Approximate population – 18,400, 98% White, 1% Black/African American, and <.05% other, median age – 44.7, 20% under the age of 18, 4% of individuals 5 yrs of age and older speak a language other than English at home, median income – $46,976 (11% of households earn less than $15,000 annually)


  • Increase effectiveness in planning for change
  • Create a common language among providers as well as between providers and the community so that Schuyler SOC can develop effective ways to support integrated care
  • Increase capacity of providers and community to effect change and work in an integrated fashion
    • Improve school / community collaborations
    • Work more effectively with high-need families & youth
    • Support positive behavior change in specific-risk youth population


Schuyler County is one of 12 Upstate NY counties that volunteered in July 2011 to take part in a pilot project funded by NYS OMH. In October 2012 these same 12 counties became the first cohort to participate in the NYS Success System of Care (SOC) Learning Collaborative. The mission of the Schuyler County SOC team is to create a paradigm shift across systems that serve high needs youth and families in which communication, collaboration and support are the hallmarks of the Schuyler County System of Care. The county is working on developing a family team for high-risk youth who may not have been identified yet for mental health, social, and/or probation services. Upcoming initiatives include exploring trauma-informed/sensitive approaches in the community.

System of Care Expansion Planning and Implementation Activities

Training / Technical Assistance

  • March & April 2014 Strategic Planning facilitated by Jaydn McCune, Tompkins Co. SOC Lead
  • May 2014 Branding / Social Marketing workshop facilitated by NYS Success consultant Stephanie Shortt from the Ad Council
  • September & October 2014 Motivational Interviewing training facilitated by Cheryl Martin of Coordinated Care Services, Inc.

Cultural & Linguistic Competence

  • 8/11/14 – 3 hr CLC workshop facilitated by NYS Success consultant Lenora Reid-Rose. NYS OASAS certified for CASAC credit.


  • Prosper Program (April-June 2014)


  • Prosper Program (April-June 2014)
  • Families Together Conference (2014)
  • Outreach to Schuyler families through FLPN