Senator Funke Announces Bonnie Ross as 2016 Woman of Distinction for the 55th District

Senator Rich Funke announced Bonnie Ross Executive Director of the Partnership for Ontario County, is the 2016 Woman of Distinction for the New York State Senate’s 55th District. The Women of Distinction program honors exceptional women from across New York who are making a big difference in their communities every day. Ross will join other Women of Distinction at a reception in Albany this evening that will recognize and honor their contributions.

“Bonnie Ross represents the very best that our community has to offer,” said Funke. “Following a successful career she could have retired, but instead she chose to give back and our community is now better for her service. Because so much of her work happens behind the scenes, it’s great to have this opportunity to thank Bonnie for her contributions. On behalf of all those who she has and continues to help, I’m honored to select Bonnie as our Woman of Distinction of 2016.”

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