Tompkins County Profile

County Lead

Jaydn McCune, Program Director, Franziska Racker Centers

SOC Team

Franziska Racker Centers
Tompkins County Mental Health Department
Tompkins County DSS
Ithaca Police Department
Ithaca School District


Approximate population – 102,300, 85% White, 4% Black/African American,10% Asian and <.05%, median age – 29.9, 16% under the age of 18, 15% of individuals 5 yrs of age and older speak a language other than English at home, median income – $51,393 (16% of households earn less than $15,000 annually)


  • Educate and engage county leadership by hosting monthly meetings to facilitate ongoing communication and commitment to SOC in Tompkins County
  • Increase youth and family involvement in SOC initiatives
  • Continued implementation of Collaborative Care Community Model
  • Ongoing development and expansion of their SOC team (form subcommittees & work groups that report back to larger SOC team)
  • Upgrade and expand the website to be more relevant and useful for youth and families


Tompkins County is one of 12 Upstate NY counties that volunteered in July 2011 to take part in a pilot project funded by NYS OMH. In Octobere 2012 these same 12 counties became the first cohort to participate in the NYS Success System of Care (SOC) Learning Collaborative. Funding from NYS Success and Collaborative Solutions Network ( helped Tompkins County launch The Family Navigators initiative in 2013. The role of the Family Navigator is to: listen without judgement; inform families about community resources; empower and encourage families to support their children in ways that work for them; support families in preparing for meetings and attending meetings with families when their support is requested; and encourages families to advocate for their own child and family. Additional funds from NYS Success enabled Tompkins SOC team to expand the Family Navigator initiative into 3 neighboring counties. As a direct result of strong leadership the Tompkins County SOC team has been successful in bringing together 7 NYS county SOC team leads who have committed to working together to sustain SOC work in the Western Region of NYS.

System of Care Expansion Planning and Implementation Activities

Training / Technical Assistance

  • 2012 SOC Kick-off event with 40 stakeholders present
  • SOC sponsored 3 2hr sessions – “Best Practices for Youths assessed and discharged in the E.R.” for 40 participants
  • 2013 2-day SOC training for 163 people
  • Branding workshop for 20 participants facilitated by NYS Success consultant Stephanie Shortt

Cultural & Linguistic Competence

  • The Cultural Competence subcommittee held Cultural Competence trainings for Ithaca City Schools
  • The Cultural Competence subcommittee hosted a focus group facilitated by NYS Success consultant Lenora Reid-Rose and her colleague Dianne Neufville