Washington County Profile

County Lead

Robert York, Director of Community Services


Approximate population – 63,200; 96% White, 3% Black/African American, American, 1% Asian and < .05% other; median Age – 42.4; 21% under age 18; 9% 3% of individuals 5 yrs. of age and older speak a language other than English at home; at home: median income – $52,361(11% of households earn less than $15,000 annually)


  • Meaningfully engage youth and families in SOC planning, implementation and evaluation efforts
  • Identify how to best use existing structures, initiatives, and data to select an area of focus
  • Explore ways to address challenges to accessing services such as transportation
  • Build cultural & Linguistic competence of child & family serving providers in the community


Washington County joined the NYS Success Learning Collaborative in the fall of 2014 at the start of the second year of the NYS Success grant. The county needed to identify and engage a SOC core team and then explore ways to infuse SOC values and principles into existing work being done in the county. Once a core team was formed they chose to look at child abuse and early trauma identification. Trainers from the Butler Institute were brought in to train community members on how to identify and be more aware of child abuse. The SOC team is also looking into bringing a Trauma Informed Care training to the county. The county has youth involvement in many of their  programs, but the SOC team has found it challenging (as many counties have) to get youths to attend the SOC team meeting due to the meeting being held on a school day from 9:00 am to 11:00 am. The county SOC team continues to develop a SOC work plan and hopes to expand and implement SOC values/principles into all child & family services being provided in the county.

System of Care Expansion Planning and Implementation Activities

Training / Technical Assistance

  • NYS Success team members participated in a SOC orientation that included a cultural & linguistic competence
    piece tailored to the nuances of Washington County
  • Youth Mental Health 1st Aid training offered

Youth and Family

  •  NYS Success consultants Daphnne Brown (FTNYS) and Carrie Relff (Youth Power!) hosted a family & youth focus group and identified possible family member to participate on the SOC team